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Connect to a deeper level with Bible Teaching Videos to strengthen our faith and religion. 

Introduction to bible Teaching Videos


Welcome to Bible Teaching Videos it is my goal and purpose for this website to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to make a venue where we can hear the word of God in a Cyber world to share our faith in Christ.

I need to share my love for God to you and His word for the hour is near!

Dennis Dwyer M.Div.

 Mark 16:15 And He said to them, “Go into the world and proclaim to everyone."

in the beginning

New beginnings! I am thankful that God has opened a door in which I can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Creating a recording studio to make Bible teaching videos. This is the first of a three part series of the creation story.

Are you running from God

Maybe you are having a difficult time believing in God, or believing that He even cares about you.

Is it possible that you are upset with God? Because He is not doing what you want, so you turn and hind from Him because you may have lost faith in religion?

Well Bible teaching videos can open the help open the door for you!

No matter how far you try to run and hide from God you will never be able to out run the grace of the shadow of the cross of Christ.

A candle light for peace and prayer
Hope you stay awhile

Shalom - peace

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

God is faithful, by whom you were called into fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

1 Corinthians 1:8 

 Faith comes by hearing the Bible teachings of God and Bible teaching videos can be a life changer for you!

The Road to Emmaus

 We are living in a society of watchers and few are seeing. The road to Emmaus is a great illustration about not seeing and yet sight can be restored if we have faith. We are facing some challenging times and some my be losing hope, but God is with us no matter what road we may be on. 

Best Video

That's My King

I love this video. It so defines who Jesus is!

Listen and enjoy

Who is Jesus?

I grew up listening to Dr. Billy Graham with a boldness to draw millions to Jesus!! John 3:16


Is the Coronavirus part of the  signs of the times to come?

We are in the age of the church.

No one will know hour or day when Jesus will return, but He surely will. Are you ready? You are, good!

Matthew 24:4

Fully man, fully god

 How do I know that Jesus is fully God, it's because of the evidence! There is a testimony where Jesus demonstrates in one day that he is fully man and fully God. Jesus can calm you in any storm that you may be facing. 

God's Eternal Life


What is Eternal Life? When you believe that there is a God then you understand that God is the creator and is everlasting. 

This teaching with the AWANA children is about God’s love for us and that we are offered Eternal life which starts in the heart by excepting the cross of Christ

If you have listened to this lesson and there is a burning in your heart then I am asking that you would invite Jesus in to receive that Eternal life. It is a free gift and all you need to do is ask.   18 Mins

God Never Fails

 A short reflection and illustration video on the importance of having faith in God through the surprise tests that we face today, focusing on what is important in life.    7 min.

I love this story.

Full ARMOR of God

The Devil is real and he wants to destroy God's creation. He is the father of lies, the deceiver who wants to trick you into believing to hate God. But God has given us armor to stand against the Devil. This teaching is with my AWANA children.   6 Mins.

The resurrection of Jesus

If there is no resurrection of Jesus, then where is the body? The evidence, the eye witness accounts of His death and the sightings of Jesus three days later bear witness. What about all of that was written in the Scriptures, how could one person fulfill them all.  Resurrection is about eternal life without sin. This Bible teaching is about four resurrections and God's perfect plan coming together for an appointed time in history.

In depth teaching 40 Mins.

The Testimonies of Jesus

This Palm Sunday of 2020 there was a weird feeling about not being able to gather together in celebrating the entering of King Jesus. This Bible teaching is about who this Jesus is? Why were so many welcoming Jesus into the City of God, and then five days later they crucified Him? 

God bless America

The Good News is that God is in control and knows exactly where we are. God is calling us to be humble as people of one nation, united and honoring respect for one another. Humility is the ability to humbly praise the blessings that God pours out on us. We can strengthen that relationship through Bible teachings.

Don't drop the flag

I pledge allegiance  to the Flag of the United States...This call is about the importance of respect for one another and our leaders. Why this flag is so important for the country, because we stand together.

St. Paul at Athens, Mars Hill

This Bible teaching videos is about the importance of sharing the Gospel Of Jesus Christ


Do you know Jesus? Don't let your heart be trouble. A Bible teaching with the children of AWANA


Without Rain Clouds

This is a reading from Charles H. Spurgeon Faith's Checkbook.

A short Bible teaching videos is about how the sun will always shine through the darkest storms.

Merry Christmas

"Mary did you know that when you kiss your bady you were kissing the face of God?"

Christ Community Church cross at sunrise
Love One Another

Sharing the word

Do not forsake the Assembly.  I attend Christ Community Church, so I would  like to invite you to attend a digital worship service on Sunday. Sharing strong Bible teachings of Jesus. Click  on the button and find more about teachings of God's Word. Building our faith and religion of being of one accord.

SERVING the savior

My Path

 Life is a journey with one purpose... That purpose is to live for Christ Jesus. 

 "Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved."

God has given me the privilege to be the Commander of AWANA at Christ Community Church, Tucson, Arizona, a Christian Bible teaching children's program to train them to be Approved Workman And Not Ashamed of the Gospel, by having faith in Jesus. I am not ashamed to share the Word of God. So this website offers an opportunity hear teachings about the love of God. 

I encourage you to subscribe to my Youtube, so that you will receive notices of every time I post a new teaching and please share the word of God.

I Believe

Believing with faith that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Almighty God, and I have received the Spirit of God who dwells within me by my faith in the testimony that Jesus died for our sins and has delivered us from death. I have recorded my teachings to share with you.  Most of the Bible teaching videos are only fifteen minutes long. but a few that are in depth, there is a lot of chatter as the children enter the gym, but they become still in a moment when they are asked to listen.  To come to Jesus like a child is a blessing, trusting Him.

My Community

God calls us to love one another to be of one accord. I am a Watchman who must warn and this website Bible teaching videos offers a venue to help you grow in your faith. God gave prophecy for a reason and commanded His people to tell the dangers that are coming!

This message is for the church. Revelation 1:3 Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophesy, and blessed  are those who hear, and who keep what is written in it for the time is near.

So maybe, now you may have some time to hear the Word of God.

Dennis E. Dwyer Master of Divinity  Phoenix Seminary